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Linear TV & Connected TV Commercials

When you need to run a commercial for your brand on TV, whether linear or streaming, you need a video production company that can create captivating media while delivering at the highest levels of production. 

From stunning imagery to crystal clear sound, combined with our experience creating content for various networks, our expert TV commercial film crew is perfectly suited to create your next TV advert. 

With native 8K recording capabilities and standard delivery in 16:9 for TV, and cuts delivered in 4:5 for in-feed and 9:16 for Reels, Shorts and TikToks, our TV commercial content can be repurposed to many platforms to maximize your video ROI and brand exposure.

Interviews & Testimonial Videos

Interview and Testimonial videos allow you and your satisfied customers to speak directly to your audience with impactful, engaging and story-driven media that builds trust in your brand. 

Testimonials provide viewers with valuable social proof by showcasing a relatable and powerful story singing the praises of your brand. These videos also establish which of their problems that your product or service solved for them. 

Interviews can also be used for internal communications, as usage in email. drip campaigns to prospects, or as educational content to position you or your brand as a subject matter expert (SME) within your vertical.

If you need interview or testimonial videos for your brand, contact us today.

Brand Sales Videos

Brand Sales Videos accomplish a few important tasks in messaging. 

They help to establish your awareness of the pain points that your prospective customers are dealing with. They showcase how you solve those problems. They illustrate the positive impact your brand has on your customers, and they provide a call to action for your prospect to take.

This category of video is very effective when used on landing pages, your company website, in email outreach and for fundraising or investor relations.

At Big Boy Media Group, we are passionate storytellers and expert video producers who love putting Brand Sales Videos together for our clients. Book a call with us to learn more about this powerful and engaging video type.

Social Media Advertisements

With social media such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok being such a large part of the average American’s daily life, it is important to stand out amongst all the other advertisers, otherwise you will get lost in the scroll. 

Our social media ads have generated over $50M in trackable sales for our clients on Facebook and Instagram alone! 

We work with you to craft on-brand content that is designed to stop the scroll and engage viewers quickly. As with our TV commercials, we deliver all content in formats perfect for YouTube, Facebook/IG in-feed and Reels, Shorts and TikToks. 

Get at us today if you want to level up your brand’s social media advertising!

Documentary, Docuseries & Original Content

Do you have a compelling story to tell? If so, Big Boy Media Group should be your first call. 

Our Orlando video production crew is both experienced and well-equipped to handle any and all documentary, docuseries or original content projects. 

With a team of producers, creatives and technical crew, we have experience and contacts for permitting, locations, talent, transport, pre and post-production and everything else needed to make production run smoothly with a high-end product on delivery. 

Contact us today for your film project needs. 

Brands Love Us...And You Will, Too!

"I've always been passionate about content and video...I would totally recommend Big Boy [Media Group], and I do all the time! In a world filled with content...I appreciate all the young kids doing content, but you're no Big Boy."

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"Throughout the shoot, the experience was really positive, the team was professional, they got the job done, they were unobtrusive in the room...and it was just a great experience. I would definitely work with them again."

Leslie Farr-Knox American Printing House

So What Is Big Boy Media Group, Anyways?

Big Boy Media Group is a full-service video production company and advertising agency in Central Florida that helps brands create innovative and engaging video campaigns across Linear TV, Streaming and Social Media platforms. We specialize in developing strategies to ensure your message reaches the intended audience and achieves maximum exposure. 

Our team of experienced professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to take any campaign from concept to completion, combining creative storytelling with powerful analytics and insights. 

By leveraging our expertise in the ever-changing landscape of digital and linear media, you’ll have the ultimate ad-venture by partnering with Big Boy Media Group on your next video advertising campaign.

Advertising Channels We Work With

Whether you need a tv commercial, social media ad creatives, testimonial videos, or more, Big Boy Media Group, the best Orlando video production company, can help you with not only the production of your content, but also media/ad buying and placements on any platform from TV to social.

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